Jędruœ Skowronek – an underestimated artist

He was born in Rogi in 1870 as a son of Wawrzyniec and Rozalia Skowronek. His mother was a daughter of Bartłomiej Jazowiec, who was a servant in the country mansion of count Bobrowski in Rogi. Jędruœ inherited some land from his mother, but because of hard times and crop failure, he and his sister had to sell it piece after piece. For that reason they both lived in poverty for many years. People from Rogi treated him as a local freak who spent all days carving figures of saints in wood. The images of saints that he saw in the local church had to be the only inspiration for him, as he was an uneducated person. Jędruœ died on 24th of November 1919 and became forgotten among the young. However, he is still remembered by the people who possess the figures of saints sculpted by him. We can also see his sculptures in the roadside shrines renovated in 2001.